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We’re on the hunt! –
For dress up/art activities: old necklaces, unwanted beads,
For our outdoor music band: things made of metal (biscuit tins, milk powder tins, unwanted ladles, spoons, scoops, etc) (no cans please, as these have sharp inner edges)
We will be attending The Very Hungry Caterpillar at HOTA on Friday, the 26th of March. Permission forms have been distributed. At this stage, the show is only available for children who attend our kindy on a Friday.
Parent participation
If you will like to share any aspects of their culture, talk about your occupation or simply come in to read the children a story/do a craft activity, please speak to Miss Qiu and Miss Sana. We LOVE having parents in the room!


Fantastic Friday, happy families!

This morning, we played with all of our friends together in the main yard outside. Theo pretended to be dead! Miss Qiu took this opportunity to demonstrate CPR on him. She showed us how to pump someone else’s heart and explained the importance of our hearts and brains in making our bodies function and keep us alive! At 9.30am, we headed inside to sing our good morning songs, greet our friends, and practice the daily acknowledgement! Our friends were then invited to have morning tea, which consisted of raisin toasts and fresh bananas. We were interrupted by our Fire Drill where we all did really well by following Miss Qiu’s instructions.

After morning tea, children read books on the mat before Mylene’s Show & Tell of the letter “D” for Daddy, with pictures of her and her dad doing lots of different activities together 🙂 Miss Qiu then initiated our weekly cleaning routine of disinfecting our room with paper towels to clean all of our toys, chairs, tables, desks, corners, books, etc. Spencer did an excellent job by cleaning the teacher’s desk! Eden said ” I love cleaning” while she was wiping some chairs down.

Right after that, we had some play time to compensate all the hard work by drawing sea animals such as sharks, turtles, jellyfish, starfish, octopus and crabs! The boys also had a great time playing with the Shark Box in our Kindy 2 room. Then, we headed outside to spend a bit of more energy in the sandpit before our delicious lunch of chicken nuggets and vegetables/ salads.

Thanks everyone for an amazing week! Hope all of you enjoy the weekend with lots of cuddles and kisses from these beautiful children:)

Lots of Love,

Miss Qiu and Miss Jess X.