Happy Friday Families

We had a lovely morning this morning, it was wonderful to see all our friends smiling faces this morning! We are so lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful children today and everyday, they truly are the sunshine in our day!

The children danced up a storm on the grass, enjoying a variety of dancing games with different moves and requiring good listening skills. I think we danced the rain away!

The children enjoyed climbing on the climbing frame today, which they hadn’t taken much interest all week. The climbed over the top of it and hung upside down. Other children enjoyed digging in the sandpit and playing with the water boat channel.

We all sat together for a delicious morning tea of mango jelly custard, banana, berry coulis and granoli. What a fabulous way to be healthy. The children enjoyed their conversations with each other as they ate, sharing plenty of stories about what foods they like and don’t like.

Following morning tea the children continued to play outside, inventing their own games. It is lovely to see them each extend their friendship networks with children from the other Kindy class. I am sure by lunch they will be ready to eat again and to rest and recharge.

Have a wonderful weekend with your families! Stay safe! Keep smiling!

Warm Regards

Miss Dani & Mr Don



Written by elckindergarten2