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Parent Information

Parent Teacher Interviews 2nd and 3rd June
Please pick a time for a chat on the sign-up sheet located underneath the iPad.
Spare clothes (bottoms)
If you have old pants that your child isn’t interested in wearing anymore, we’d love to have them for ‘accidents’!
Mother’s Day in the Park
Friday, 7th May, 3:30-4:30pm


Dear families and friends,

Due to the wet weather, our friends enjoyed the sand pit mostly in the afternoon. Some dug deep holes for treasure and to see what they can find, some maintained their balance on wooden logs. Others pretend to cook in the mud kitchen whilst the rest of our friends were busy constructing with trucks and diggers. As soon as the surfaces were a bit dry after the rain, we opened the main yard for a quick run.

For Arakan this morning, we split the children in two groups. Group One stayed outside with Mr Daniel. In the meanwhile, Group Two headed inside where they enjoyed fruits with custard and oaths for Morning Tea. After half an hour the groups swapped.

After that, we sat for a group time where Miss Qiu talked about Mother’s Day next week and taught the children a Mother’s Day song. She also explained how wonderful our mums are and that they do so much for them, every single day. Miss Qiu then asked the question of the day which was ‘ What does your mum do for you?’

For activities today, we chose to have an easy day. Therefore, we decorated mother’s day banners, role play in dentist clinic, pegs and peg boards and eco puzzle.

Before lunch (bean burgers with salad), Zoey read us her book called ‘hen’s pens’ then Eden shared her show and tell about her camping with the classroom. Thanks girls for sharing.

During quiet time, Miss Qiu will draw an easy picture on the board using shapes. The children will then be required to try to draw the same picture, write their name and date the page on their own exercise book. During this time, the educators will focus on children’s correct grip and support their writing skill.

Thanks to everyone for a great week. Have a lovely long weekend and we can’t wait to see everyone next week.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.