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This morning outside, many friends were exploring the yard to find insects and especially ants. Elke, Grace, Ben, CC, Leilani, Daniella and Shion were collecting bugs to place into their buckets and shovels and some of them even created a house for them out of sand. Spencer, Nash, Cooper T and Cooper P were playing superheros. Nash and Spencer were both dressed up as Ironman today so they were pretending to fly around the yard.

For group time this morning, we completed our Acknowledgement to country. We picked out a country for the day which was Bulgaria. We searched up the map of the country and found out that they spoke Bulgarian. To say ‘good morning’ in Bulgarian, they say “Zdraveite.” We said this to complete our roll this morning. Then we chose our morning song and we sang our ‘Days of the Week Song.” After singing the song, we completed our daily calendar/weather chart.

For activity time, Shion, Rie and Bonnie enjoyed the ‘goop’ sensory play. This activity had green, cornflour goop and various buttons and small items for the children to play and manipulate. Nisha enjoyed the drawing table with the crayons. She was drawing a beautiful picture of flowers and swirls. CC, Grace, Elke, Daniella and Leilani enjoyed the Arts and Crafts table. Here, the children were creating collages and pictures of a Halloween theme. They used spaghetti, rice, toothpicks and pom poms to create wonderful pictures. Nash and Spencer enjoyed playing with the rice activity. They boys were collecting letters of the alphabet with their spoons and matched it with the lowercase ones on the sheet. Kai, Lewis and Charlie enjoyed playing with the trains. The boys worked together to gather as many tracks as they could and place them down to create a very long train track. Cooper P, Cooper T, Nash and Aristotelis were playing with the cars. The children were sitting at the cars table and racing each other. Ben, Angelo and Thomas enjoyed the ghost, cup game. This was where the children build up a tower of cups and had to aim to knock down as many cups as they could.

Mr Daniel came to teach us some Arakan today. The children began the lesson by lining up and standing in their stance. Then, Mr Daniel would provide the children with instructions such as, “Left Hand”, or “Hands on heads,” and the children had to quickly complete that action. After that, the children practiced hitting with their right and left hands. To complete the lesson, the children had a game with Mr Daniel.

For group time, Ben had his Show and Tell. He brought in his collection of seashells to share. The shells came in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Thanks for sharing! After that, we had a Halloween story called, “At the Old Haunted House.” Miss Jade then went over Halloween safety, as many children were going Trick or Treating tomorrow night. We went over that they should always go Trick or Treating with an adult, to never go inside people’s houses and to make sure we do not take all the treats from people’s bowls. To conclude, we did some Halloween dancing .

For the table activities, the children enjoyed connecting flowers, writing table, world puzzle, drawing memory games and book corner.

Next, we picked out the phonics song that we wanted to sing. Then, we went through each letter of the alphabet and the sounds that it made. To conclude our group time, we sat in a circle to play the dancing-letter-matching game. It was so fun as children were practicing their dancing, their letters and resilience.

Dear parents, people ensure Transition Statement Consent forms are brought back ASAP. Also, home-readers will be located downstairs in the office for you to personally change on a weekly basis. RSVP list for graduation, Christmas party and Parent-Teacher night is located in the upstairs office.