This morning outside, Nisha, Rie, Grace, Charlie and Alaska were sitting at the tables. They were colouring in various Christmas colouring in pictures of either Santa, elves or trees. Connor brought in one of his books from home. This book was a learning book he completes at home. He was showing his friends Thomas and Lewis all the different activities that he had completed. Fynn was playing with his friend Tali. They were playing on the grass area while Fynn was spitting on the spinning wheel. Cooper P and Connor were lifting up toys and equipment to practice working out. One person would lift the item while the other counted. Elke was watching the boys do their workouts. There was a spider in the yard. Ben, Nash, Charlie, Daniella, Bonnie, Lillian and Leilani were observing it and watching it from afar. The children were so excited to see a spider on its’ web. Rie enjoyed the curved plank on the grass area. She was balancing on it while she swang her body back and forth.  

For group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country. Then, Elke chose a country to greet for the roll. She chose the country ‘United Kingdon.’ We spoke about how the Queen lived in that country, they speak English and they say “Merry Christmas” just like we do.  After that, Lillian chose the Days of the Week song and we completed the daily calendar.  

At activity time, Leilani, Nisha, Grace and Lillian were drawing at the tables. The girls were drawing their friends and family members. Bonnie and Daniella enjoyed playing the Gruffalo card game. The children set out all the cards on the table and took turns to match the cards up. Alaska and Elke enjoyed the Arts and Crafts table. Here, the children used pipe cleaners, beads, googly eyes, sprinkles and other materials to create collages. Rie loved the puzzle on the floor. It was an alphabet puzzle and she worked all alone to complete it. Connor and Thomas enjoyed the sensory box. The boys were making a snowy mountain out of the coconut. Archie, Shion, Cooper P and Lewis loved the cars table. Each person had a car and they raced against each other to see whose car went the fastest. Aristotelis, Nash, Ben, Kai and Charlie were making cars with the Mobilo. They created a variety of designs and some were even like Transformers as they were able to change shape. Fynn enjoyed making snowflakes with the pipe-cleaners. He used a few pipe cleaners to link together and they added beads to decorate. He was busy concentrating to place on the beads.  

Mr Daniel came for our Arakan lesson. The children lined up and they had to listen for Mr Daniel’s instructions. He would ask them to either lift their right hands up, left hands etc to practice their listening skills. After that, the children had to practice hitting with their left and right hands and practice blocking their heads. To conclude, the children played a game where Mr Daniel would say two names and they had to quickly retrieve the toys back to Mr Daniel. The children are always so excited to have Arakan with Mr Daniel.  

At group time, Shion wanted to learn about Wasps. We began by discussing what we already knew about them. We knew that wasps can sting and they mostly live on trees and in bush areasWe then looked at a picture of a wasp and spoke about the different body parts it has and what they may be used for. We then realised they looked similar to bees as most wasps are black and yellow. However, we found out that wasps are much larger and can sting more than bees can. We also found out that they also live in nests similar to bees however wasps do not make honey. We watched a video about the largest wasps in the world. It was found in Asia and can even kill with a sting. This wasp is 5 times larger than a bee and can sting 300 bees in an hour! The children were so engaged in learning about the wasps.  

For the table activities, the children enjoyed drawing, puzzles, and connecting flowers, snowflake making and writing.  

For group time, we chose our phonics song and went over our alphabet. We then chose a phonics game to engage in. After that, the children chose various songs to sing and dance to.  

Miss Jade and Mr Don