Hello to all our wonderful friends and families of our Kindergarten 2 class, Happy FriYAY everyone and welcome to our Friday the 8th of January 2021 blog…

We hope that everyone has had a lovely day and a day as great as ours, what day to finish off our first week all together!

Here is a little bit about how we spent our day with Miss Qiu, Miss Shannen and all our friends…

This morning we had weather for ducks as Miss Shannen would say as it was raining off an on again we played in our Kindergarten 1 room until the rain eased before lining up just after 8am with our hats on, sunscreen applied and water bottles in hand. We were all so excited to go and see what we had set up in the yard this morning. Miss Shannen had set up a very cool obstacle course out on the grassed area that was in the shape of a H, we balanced across the balance beams, jumped over the hurdles,  walked along the plank and carefully made it across the mini bridges before finishing off the course with stepping along the stepping stones into the cubby house. We all did so well with friends repeating the course.

On a large mat we had our colourful blocks set up and our friends used the blocks to create paths to the fort and to the obstacle course.

It was long before the rain set in again and it was time for us to head inside for some yummy morning tea and start our program with Miss Qiu down on the group time mat.

The children have been learning a new song that we all sing along together when lining up as a train with Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen. We are getting the hang of the song and doing an amazing job at remembering the words.

We all made our way to the bathroom to wash away any germs that we had on our hands with lots of soap and water, joining Miss Qiu and our friends down on the mat for group time along with marking the class role and welcoming all our friends and teachers to the day, we counted how many friends we had counting up to 14 friends, spoke about what day it is and all our friends knew exactly what today was – FRIDAY. Our teachers helper was our friend Connor – Connor also help Miss Shannen to set up the tables for our myummy morning tea and this this morning we had freshly made French toast with fresh fruit pieces, our toast was so fresh that it was still warm! It was perfect for warming up our bellies we ate it all up with some friends kindly asking for some home made jam on top.

Today the children all ventured outside for the morning where we all enjoyed running races going from the top to the bottom of the ramp, cheering on all our friends as we individually had a race.  We then all moved over to the under covered sandpit area and had a play until it was time for lunch, we had friends making cakes and ice creams in the MUD Kitchen, and played catching and throwing with Mr Pete.

The children also enjoyed their first Arakan lesson for the year with Mr Dan where the children stretched their bodies, dodged soft pads and played catch and release.

We have all had such a great day and we were all ready for some lunch and a rest, for lunch we all enjoyed toasted Cascadia’s and fresh salad bar.

Thank-you Kindergarten 2 for a fantastic week, we cant wait to hear all about the exciting things you get up to over the weekend, stay safe and we will see you all on Monday.

Just a friendly reminder that if you can please so kindly bring in a family photo if you haven’t already done so as we would love to add it to our family tree that we have displayed in our room.

Lots of love Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen xx