Hello to all our Kindergarten 2 friends and families, we hope that everyone has had a lovely weekend with their friends and loved ones, we certainly heard all about the adventures you all got up to, sounds like we all had a lovely weekend! Welcome back to another fun and exciting week ahead in Kindergarten 2 with Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen, this is our blog for Monday the 11thof January 2021.

This morning we started off our morning in Kindergarten 1’s classroom playing inside with Miss Kim while we waited and welcomed our friends as they arrived for the day, once we had more friends join us and it was warm enough for us to go outside we each found our own hats on the hat rack, applied sunscreen that was set up at the sunscreen station, while making sure we all had our shoes and water bottles on the trolley. We headed outside just after 8am ready to explore!

While we were all out in the yard this morning we enjoyed the obstacle course that Mr Lache had set up for us out across the grassed area, today our most popular area was the under covered sandpit area! We had friends using the buckets and spades to build and create sandcastles with some friends using water to make their sandcastle extra strong.

We also had our friends from Vacation care come and play with us this morning and it was so nice seeing some of our friends from last year. We played in the sunshine till just before 9:40am, before we lined up with Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen to head inside and start our program for the day.

Morning tea this morning was a yummy bowl of vanilla yogurt with a passionfruit and banana fruit salad that all our friends enjoyed, we had lots of our friends love the yogurt so much that they had seconds and some thirds! It was very yummy filling up all our bellies for the morning… When everyone had finished eating their morning tea we all cleared away our bowls and spoons, stacked our chair and joined Miss Qiu down on the group time mat where we greeted all our friends and teachers with our good morning song, counted how many friends we had here today – 17 and marked our class role together. During group time Miss Qiu explained and demonstrated to our friends what we need to do when we arrive to kindy with our bags and bottles. Miss Shannen has created name tags for each of our friends for when they arrive they find their name and stick it to the sticky dot above the locker where they place their bag – this is to help our friends recognise their names, this is also preparing them for school.

As we were outside already with Miss Qiu learning about our name tags and locker routine Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen thought that it was such a good day that we could stay out and play till it was time for lunch and a rest. We had friends climbing and exploring the fort, sliding down the slide, cooking up a treat down in the MUD Kitchen and using their balancing skills along the obstacle course.

This afternoon we were all treated to a special treat from our friend Eden. Eden celebrated her birthday over the holidays and brought in ice0cream and cones to share with all our friends for a belated celebration, we all practiced the virtue of patience as we waited for our ice-cream, it was the perfect weather to enjoy a yummy ice-cream. Thank you Eden for our yummy treat we all loved it with some friends leaving behind an ice-cream moustache.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day and what a great day to start off the week with. We hope that everyone has a lovely evening and we will see you all tomorrow.

Lots of love – Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen xx

Just a friendly reminder if you can please kindly bring in or email through your family photo for us to add to our Kindergarten 2 family tree that we have on display in our room. Thank you.