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Parent involvement
Please write any suggestions you might have for ‘Question of the day’ on the A3 ‘K2 parent information’ sheet. It’s on the brick wall above the small table with the children’s name-writing practise folder beside the entrance to our room.


Dear families and friends,

Welcome back to another fun Monday in Kindergarten Two. We hope everyone spent a nice time over the weekend.

Our week started outside enjoying the sandpit, obstacle courses, slides, climbing forts and sining disks. The children also enjoyed train tracks and bouncy dragon whilst waiting for all our friends to arrive. In the meanwhile, the children also enjoyed sharing their experiences over the weekend with their friends and educators. Before heading inside, we all played the tag game as a classroom which was so fun.

Today we headed inside at 9.40, as our friends were having so much fun with the tag game. Before sitting on the mat children lined up, washed their hands and put their hats away. On the mat we followed our routine which is singing songs, saying ‘Jingeri’ to everybody, identified today’s day, date and the weather with the help of teachers’s aid, Maddison. As usual, the children then acknowledged the country, identified the letter of the week, letter K, made the sound of it and identified objects on letter K card.

After Morning Tea (porridge), the children sat down for another group time where Maddison shared his show and tell with the classroom. Thanks Maddison for sharing and thanks for bringing in a letter K tracing activity to share with your friends. Miss Qiu then explained today’s activity and continued with introducing new activities which have been added to our clinic area.

Today’s activities for children to explore were wooden blocks, dominos, open ended cylinder, legos, drawing and cutting. Everyone today explored the clinic area with doctor and dentist kits. The children used their imagination to came up with scenarios and showed such a great caring skill towards their patience.

Before Lunch, Miss Sana read Julia’s book called ‘Zootopia’ whilst the children initiated by helping Miss Sana remembering the story. Thanks Julia for sharing your book with us.

Thanks everyone for a great start of the week.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.