Good afternoon Families

Today we were lucky to have a presentation by the Bravehearts Organisation. Ditto was a lion cub and together with his friend they taught us about our bodies and what we can do to protect ourselves. The children, through song and dance yes and no feelings and how they make us feel comfortable or uncomfortable. They identified their private parts and ways in which they can keep themselves safe when someone asks them to see or touch these parts, by saying NO or STOP and then running to tell someone that they aren’t feeling safe. The also learnt about early warning signs, the messages the body gives us to let us know that we are feeling uncomfortable. These include; a fast beating heart, butterflies in or tummy or jelly legs. The children were engaged throughout this presentation and enjoyed joining in with Ditto. At the end they all had a photo with Ditto and received a sticker. We will be following up on this presentation and the language will become common in our daily routine. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about this presentation.

We hope you have a great day!

Miss Dani & Miss Parisa.







Written by elckindergarten2