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This morning the children played inside in the Kindergarten 2 room as it was raining. Spencer and Connor enjoyed playing with the Christmas sensory box. The boys were pretending to be working at McDonalds and were serving food. Daniella and Bonnie enjoyed the drawing table and Summer enjoyed the alphabet puzzle.  

For group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country. Then, Connor chose a country for the day and he had chose Lithuania. We looked at the flag of Lithuania and spoke about the colours that we could see. We then spoke about how it is in the continent of Europe which involved other countries such as England, France and Ireland. We found out that in Lithuania, they say “Su Svetpomis Kaledomis.” We sang a Days of the Week song and then completed our Daily Calendar. Then, Connor chose a story called “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” The children enjoyed listening to the story and seeing all the bright and colourful images.  

At activity time, Connor. Eric and Shion engaged in the train set. The children created a track that went all across the floor of the room. Steve, Nash, Spencer and Aristotelis were making cars and trucks out of the Mobilo. They would then drive them around the room. Summer enjoyed decorating her Christmas stocking while Daniella, Bonnie and Lillian were playing in the fireplace area with the dog game and Bonnie’s torch. Steve and Eric also enjoyed cooking in home-corner.  

At group time, Nash chose a story called “We’re going on a Santa hunt.” Then, Spencer shared his Show and Tell. The children enjoyed listening to Spencer showing his Show and Tell.  

For the table activities, the children enjoyed drawing, connecting flowers, books and floor puzzles.  

For group time, we chose our phonics song and went over our alphabet. We then chose a phonics game to engage in. After that, the children chose various songs to sing and dance to.  

Miss Jade and Miss Shannan