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For doodling in a sustainable way: Any recycled A4 paper, blank on one side.
For our outdoor music band: noise-making implements, things made of metal (biscuit tins, milk powder tins, unwanted ladles, spoons, scoops, etc)


Good afternoon to our wonderful families and friends. We hope everyone had a nice weekend.

First thing this morning, we had to stay in the main playground due to the construction work in the sandpit. Through the gate children initiated conversation with Mr Peter about what he was doing and the reason for it. In the yard children also had the opportunity to explore cubby house, kitchen area, books, balancing beams, spinning disks and climbing nets.

As our friends were playing, Miss Sana had a conversation with the children about driving. The children’s response where:

Jonah: ‘I don’t know if i want to drive an electric car, those one that drives by it’s own or a Lamborghini cause it’s so fast.’,

Warren: ‘you know my dad is 14 years old and he can drive a car.’,

Connor: ‘I want to drive a Tesla.’,

Spencer: ‘when i get older i want to drive the same car as daddy’s cause the roof opens.’

We all headed inside at 9.30, washed our hands then sat on the mat. For group time we sang songs, greeted our friends, acknowledged the country, identified today’s day, date and weather. Then, Miss Qiu introduced the letter of the week ‘G’ and practiced the sound of it followed by air tracing letter G’s shape. After that the children were introduced to today’s activity. Morning Tea consisted of crackers with sultanas, cereal and fruit.

Next up was activity time. Activities for children to explore were moon sand container with easter eggs in it, connecting cubes, animals and dress up area. Today we started our Easter craft which is a painting and collaging activity for children to express their creativity.

After lunch, Mason shared his adventures with Mr Dingo and answered to his friend’s questions at the end. Thanks Mason for sharing.

Thanks friends for a great day.

Lots of Love,

Miss Qiu and Miss Sana X.