Hello friends and families of the Kindergarten 2 class, we hope that everyone had a lovely weekend and enjoyed their weekends. We have heard all about the fun and exciting things you all have gotten up to over the weekend, a lot of our friends headed to the beach and enjoyed the sunny weather and boy wasn’t it warm?… Welcome to our blog for Monday the 18thof January 2021, what a great day we have all had to to start off the week with Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen.


This morning we were all so excited to see our friends and tell them all about the fun and exciting adventures we all had. We had lots of friends arrive a little bit earlier today so we joined Miss Kim in our Kindergarten 1 classroom and played while we waited for more friends to arrive for that day, once most of our friends arrived we packed away they toys we were playing with, applied our own sunscreen, found our hats and headed outside.


Today Miss Shannen had a fun and exciting obstacle set up across the yard that went from one end of the yard to the other… It was made up of bridges, ramps, climbing equipment, stepping stones and hurdles.


We also had out the large building blocks, bouncing horses for friends to race and the spinning tables.


We had a few grey clouds hanging around and we stayed outside for just a little bit longer to enjoy the yard and the weather while we could..


Miss Qiu asked us to line up just before 9:45am to make our way inside for some yummy morning tea that Miss Kristie had made. The children each enjoyed a yummy bowl of vanilia yogurt, mango/passionfruit/banana fruit salad to add in or mix into our yogurt, it was very yummy and all our friends really enjoyed this morning tea filing up all their bellies for the morning, once everyone had finished we packed away our belongings and joined Miss Qiu down on the group time mat. We sung our phonics, greeted and welcomed all our friends and teachers, marked the class role, sung our days of the week – discovering that today is MONDAY and we had our friend Frankie bring in some photos of her recent holiday camping to share with all of us today.


We enjoyed table/mat time activities till it was time for lunch. Today we had a group of friends helping Miss Shannen finishing off our home corner restaurant sign, memory game, free expression drawing, mosaic blocks (making patterns) and our home corner (Snowflake Restaurant) was also open for business it was very busy this morning with lots of friends cooking up yummy treats for all their customers.


Thank you to all our friends and families who have already brought in their family photos, we kindly are asking if all our friends who haven’t already do so can please bring one in for us to add.


Enjoy your evenings and we will see you all tomorrow, thank you Kindergarten 2 for a great day!


Lots of love Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen xx