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Dear families and friends, we hope everyone had a nice time over the weekend.

We started our Monday venturing outside alongside our Kindergarten One friends. The activities offered for children were sandpit area, bikes, reading time, roll modelling with babies, slides and climbing forts. Whilst waiting for everyone to arrive, the children also challenged their balance skill on balancing beams. Outside the children also had the opportunity to use their imagination and get creative with waffle blocks. The water play in troughs were also a big hit. We discussed which objects flows and which ones sink in.

At 9.30, we all headed inside where we sat on the mat to follow our morning group time routine. Therefore, we sang songs, said ‘Jingeri’ to everybody, identified today’s day, date and weather with the help of teacher’s helper. After acknowledging the country, we all said welcome to our new friend Honey and made sure we make her feel welcomed throughout the day. We finished the group time by identifying the letter of the week, letter L. The children as usual practised it’s phonics, air traced it and identified objects on letter L card.

After Morning Tea (apple cinnamon oat porridge), Children sat back on the mat again where Miss Qiu reminded them of the soldier information from last week. Then Miss Qiu informed the children of our ANZAC service on Friday at Kindy. Miss Qiu also explained the different types of soldiers that we have – land, sky and sea.

The activities for today were drawing poppies, spirals, puzzles, connector flowers and puppets. The children also enjoyed playing with cars and use wooden blocks to make ramps and walls for the cars.

After lunch (meatloaf with roasted vegetables), the children practised a yoga session for the quiet time.

Thanks friends for a nice day.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.