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This morning many of our friends came to kindy dressed up in costumes, as this week is Book Week. At the drawing table, Sofia, Daniella, Alaska and Bonnie were completing some drawings such as pictures of their friends and even practicing their letters. Connor, Cooper T, Spencer and Lillian enjoyed playing in the sandpit. Our friends loved digging holes to place themselves in. Summer was a big fan of the blocks this morning. She began by stacking them on top of each other, and when they were tall enough, she would kick down her tower, having everything crash down.

For group time this morning, we completed our Acknowledgement to country. Sofia chose the country for the day which was Albania. We looked at Albania and saw that it was next to a country called Greece. In Albania, they speak Albanian and say, ‘Miremengjes.’ We then discussed our weekend and what everyone had gotten up to. We love hearing everyone’s fun weekend. Then, Aristotelis picked out the ‘Days of the Week Song.” After singing the song, we completed our daily calendar/weather chart.

For activity time, Miss Jade set up a play dough activity for the children. This activity allowed children to form letters of their name to spell it out. This practiced their fine motor skills and their letters. Fynn, Eric, Steve and Cooper T enjoyed making their names up. Lillian, Summer and Alaska were at the arts and crafts table. The children were using scissors to cut paper and cellophane paper to stick on their paper to create collages. The children then added glitter as their final touch. Rie and Tali enjoyed the drawing table. Here, the girls were drawing pictures with coloured pencils. Angelo was spending some time at the Writing Table. He was practicing holding the whiteboard marker and writing his name. Shion, Aristotelis, Nash and Connor enjoyed the train set. The children shared the trains around to drive the around their train track. Ben and Spencer enjoyed the connecting flowers. The boys were creating bikes and cars out of these flowers. So cool! Sofia and Daniella were playing pretend in home-corner. They dressed up and pretended to play families.

On the mat, we had Spencer and Tali share their Show and Tell. They shared the things that they were thankful for. In Kindergarten 2, we love sharing and hearing about the things we and our friends are thankful for. Sofia then chose a sea-animal for us to learn about. She chose the clownfish. First, we began to discuss what we already knew about the starfish. We knew that normal clownfish are orange, black and white. Some friends believe that clownfish also live in the warm water. We all then engaged in a video that provided us with some facts about the clownfish. We learnt that there are nearly 30 types of clownfish. Clownfish live in sea anemones and are the only fish that can live in them. Clownfish coat themselves in a type of “goo” (mucus) to allow the clownfish to live in them.

For the table activities, the children enjoyed cutting activities, drawing, lacing activities, Unifix blocks, alphabet puzzles and the writing table.

Next, we picked out the phonics song that we wanted to sing and chose our sound of the day.  The sound of the day today is the letter W. We watched the letter W song and then we came up with all the words that began with this letter such as wagon, watermelon, and wasp. When we finished coming up with the words, we counted how many we found and repeated after Miss Jade, all the words that we found. To end our group time, we practiced our graduation songs.

Dear parents, people ensure Transition Statement Consent forms are brought back ASAP. Also, home-readers will be located downstairs in the office for you to personally change on a weekly basis. This week is Book Week for the last day on Thursday, children are welcome to dress up as their favourite character from a book. This week will also be photo week.

Miss Jade and Mr Don