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Hello Families

Obviously you all had a wonderful weekend the children were full of stories when they arrived at Kindergarten this morning. We had a lovely morning outside and there were many different activities enjoyed by the children. Some were playing superheroes, whilst others enjoyed sitting in the sun and drawing some creative and colourful pictures. The obstacle course was very popular as children climbed, jumped and balanced their way through the course.

Inside they enjoyed a variety of different activities. As we are talking about healthy and unhealthy food, they are doing collage and making food place mats.

We also received a new car play table, so I bought some new cars and they enjoyed driving them around the track. The polyhedron shapes were lots of fun, with children creating some interesting shapes.

During group time we talked about the foods that we ate for breakfast. We used a food graph to see what the most popular breakfast foods were in Kindergarten 2. We also did our Calendar and some counting.

After all this business, they were certainly ready for their delicious lunch of Nachos. This is always a hit on Mondays and the children usually all have second serves. After such a busy morning, the children were certainly ready to gives their bodies a rest in preparation for a busy afternoon outside. It is important for them to learn to be still and to let their bodies recharge.


Miss Dani & Mr Don



Written by elckindergarten2

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