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This morning outside, Sofia was at the tables completing some writing. She was writing the names of her family members and even did them in rainbow colours. Spencer was playing with his friend Spencer T from Kindergarten 1. They were playing with the cars and were lining them up. They then counted together to see how many they had collected. Shion and Cooper T were sitting together on the spinning wheel. The boys were chatting and talking about the ladybugs that they had caught this morning. Sofia, Bonnie, Daniella and Lillian were on the grass area. The girls were doing scissors, paper rock to see who will be next to stand on the balancing wood. Rie was collecting ladybugs and she collected so many that she had a handful of them!

At group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country. Then, Miss Jade asked the children what they did on the weekend. Shion and Spencer both went to Movieworld, Nash went to the gaming store, Rie went to her grandmother’s house for a swim and Kai went to visit his friends. It sounded like many children had a very fun weekend. Then, we completed our roll in English. We all said “Merry Christmas” to Miss Jade when she called their name. Connor then chose the ‘Days of the Week’ song and chose a Christmas one. It had the same melody as ‘Deck the Halls.” When the song completed, we completed our Daily Calendar. Nash and Sofia brought in gifts for their friends so we handed those out The children have been very spoilt this year!

At activity time Lillian and Aristotelis wanted to make playdough. Aristotelis specifically asked last week if we could make it together. Lillian really wanted the playdough to be peppermint scented. So, Cooper T, Shion, Lillian, Connor, Kai, Summer and Bonnie assisted Miss Jade in making playdough. We first spoke about what ingredients we needed. Lillian said we needed flour and salt. Shion said we needed oil. We then all took turns in adding all the various ingredients of playdough into the mixing bowl. When the children added in the peppermint extract, it smelt so strong and delicious! After it was made, the children used knives, cookie cutters, rolling pins and scissors to manipulate the dough. Ben had lots of fun manipulating the playdough too! Aristotelis, Nash, Ben and Spencer had lots of fun building with the Mobilo. The children were creating cars out of them. Some had 2 wheels while others had 6! Mr Don had to remind the children to share the wheels. Sofia asked if she could use the whiteboards. Miss Jade had packed them away, so Mr Don told Sofia and Daniella that they could use the large whiteboard. The girls used whiteboard markers to draw various pictures such as their friends and family.

At group time, Summer and Spencer shared their Show and Tell. Summer wanted to show her friends her new hair while Spencer had a toy share. Then, Mr Pete read various Christmas stories for the children.

For the table activities, the children enjoyed drawing, connecting flowers, floor puzzles and magnetic sticks.

For group time, we chose our phonics song and went over our alphabet. We then chose a phonics game to engage in. After that, the children chose various songs to sing and dance to.

Miss Jade and Mr Don