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Family photo

Kindly bring in a family photo for our family tree! If you have photos in your phone, simply email it to [email protected], and we can print it out for you.


When you pick your child up, please make sure that your child’s hat goes back into the K2 room, on their hat rack. These are named from a-z, left to right. If they don’t have a school’s hat, feel free to bring in a hat from home.


The children will be having some rest time followed by quiet activities. However, they wouldn’t be sleeping like they used to last year. We understand that this might be a problem for your evening routine at home. If this is the case, please let us know and we will see what we can do.

Dear families and friends,

Welcome to 2021!! We wish everyone a fabulous year ahead, and are already looking forward to all the learning and adventures that we will have this year.

We had a lovely time today getting to know all our room, friends, teachers and routines. Our friends explored all the areas in our room and played so nicely with each other. The most popular was Miss Shannen’s beautiful home corner. Some children called it the kitchen, whilst others called it home corner or the restaurant. As there was a limited amount of ‘cakes’, telephone, ‘pizza’, etc, our friends had to take turns with each coveted item. They did us proud by sharing and dealing with disputes calmly.
After morning play time, everyone enjoyed a few stories with Mr Pete.
Have a lovely afternoon!
Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen