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This morning, we were preparing for our excursion to Bellevue Park State School for our graduation practice. When everyone was ready, we lined up in our lines and headed to the bus. The bus drive was most of the children’s favourite part of the day. The bus big enough to fit all the educators and both Kindergarten 1 and 2 children. The children were so excited for the bus ride. After our quick, yet exciting bus trip we headed to the hall of the school. It was so exciting visiting a big school and walking around. When we got to the hall we were able to use the stage to practice for graduation. It was great to see where we had go and what to do. After our practice, we went on the bus again to travel back to kindy.

For group time, we discussed what our favourite thing about the excursion was. Steve said he liked the dark when he was behind the stage. Kai, Connor, Nash, Sofia and pretty much everyone else loved the bus trip. After talking about our favourite parts of the excursion, Shion chose the days of the week song. After that, we completed our daily calendar. Then, Connor and Kai shared their Show and Tell. Our theme for Show and Tell was mystery. The children brought in a bag with their mystery objects in it with 3 clues to bring along. Miss Jade read out the clues to the children and the child would then choose their friends to try and guess what they brought in. Connor brought in his sunglasses while Kai brought in a deck of cards. Thanks for sharing friends!

At activity time, Bonnie, Lillian, Summer and Rie enjoyed the magnetic dolls. The children were able to dress up their characters with various clothes and accessories. Spencer, Aristotelis, Connor, Ben, Steve, Cooper T, Angelo, Shion, Alaska, Fynn and Nash enjoyed the magnetic sticks. This was a new activity that the children enjoyed. They were connecting the parts together to create various objects or even seeing how large they could make their object. Kai enjoyed the connecting flowers. He was connecting the pieces together to create a car. Eric was completing the puzzles. He especially enjoyed the alphabet puzzle. Daniella and Sofia enjoyed the kinetic sand. They took out the play dough tools to use with the sand. The girls especially enjoyed using the cookie cutters to create shapes out of the sand.

We had a special visitor come to speak to a few friends today. Kai, Summer and Fynn were able to meet a prep teacher from Bellevue Park State School. She brought in a story to read to the children, which was about the school. The children were able to engage in the story and see what they were expecting when they head to prep next year.

For the table activities, the children enjoyed the writing table, connecting flowers, connecting shapes, drawing and magnetic tubes.

Next, we picked out the phonics song that we wanted to sing. Then, we practiced our performance and routine for graduation.

Home-readers will be located downstairs in the office for you to personally change on a weekly basis. RSVP list for graduation, Christmas Party and Parent Teacher night is located in the upstairs office.

Miss Jade and Mr Don