This morning outside, Lillian, Bonnie, Daniella, Archie, Aristotelis, Charlie, Shion and Ben were hanging around the large trees. The children were trying to find ladybugs. The children had to look closely and carefully on the tree branches for ladybugs. There were so many small, orange-coloured ladybugs that the children enjoyed picking up. Alaska, Elke, Grace, Nisha and Connor enjoyed drawing at the tables. Connor also enjoyed the unifix cubes and even created a giraffe! It looked amazing 

For group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country.  Then Shion chose the country of the day, which was Wales. He liked the flag because there was a dragon it. We discussed the colours and images of the flag and searched up a map of the country. Its’ neighboured England. We found out that they have castles and lots of grass land. In Wales, they speak Welsh and to say ‘Merry Christmas’ they say. Nadolig Llawen. We then completed the roll and counted how many children were here today. Then, Archie chose the Days of the Week song. After that, we completed our daily calendar.  

At activity time, some children got to play outside. Daniella, Shion, Bonnie Lillian, Abigail and Aristotelis continued to search for ladybugs. The children used boxes and placed leaves in them to create a home for their caught bugs. Charlie enjoyed sitting at the table in the shade and colouring-in some Christmas pictures. Inside, Ben Connor and Rie enjoyed decorating their Christmas stockings. The children used glitter, pompoms, stickers and sequins to decorate. Alaska, Elke, Grace and Nisha enjoyed the stamps. Miss Jade brought out letter stamps for the children to practice their names and even try writing some Christmas words. Eric, Cooper T and Archie loved playing with the cars. They were making their cars fly around the room from item to item.  

At group time, Elke, Archie, Bonnie and Abigail shared his Show and Tell. This week, our theme is “I spy…” The item must begin with the same letter as their name. Elke brought in an elephant, Archie some art, Bonnie a bear and Abigail some action figures. Thank you for sharing friends!  

Then, the children really wanted to learn about ladybugs. We first discussed what the children already knew about them. They knew that they were small, have spots and come in colours such as orange and red. Then, we explored further and found out that some don’t have spots, they can pretend to play ‘dead’ to make sure predators don’t eat them, can be both male and female and can live for up to one year! The children loved learning about them. 

For the table activities, the children enjoyed drawing, puzzles, connecting flowers, books and floor puzzles.  

For group time, we chose our phonics song and went over our alphabet. We then chose a phonics game to engage in. After that, the children chose various songs to sing and dance to.  

Miss Jade and Mr Don