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Hello to all our Kindergarten 2 friends and families, welcome to our Thursday the 14thof January 2021 blog. Here is a little snippet on how we spent our day in Kindergarten 2 with all our friends, Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen.


Today was a cracker of a day that sun was shinning, clear blue skies and smiles all round!


We all defanitly made the most of this great day heading outside as soon as possible to explore and engage in the outdoor environment.


This morning Miss Shannen had set up a fun and exciting obstacle course out across the yard we had hurdles, stepping stones, climbing equipment, brides, ramps and a plank! Over in the bark area we had lots of friends climbing the hexagon climbing frame climbing up to the very top in search for dinosaurs!!!


Over in the sandpit it was nice and cool with lots of friends getting creative with using the wooden blocks to create and build towers inside the sandpit! Creating their very own Gold Coast skyline.


Before we all knew it, it was time to head inside to begain our program and of course eat some yummy morning tea that Miss Kristie had made, this morning we all enjoyed a plate of scrambled eggs with fresh Turkish bread! Mmmm it was so yummy we ate everything right up!


Miss Qiu marked the class role and we all welcomed and greeted all our friends and teachers to the day, we sung our good morning song, counted how many friends we had in our class today -18 and discussed our new cultural wall display that Miss Shannen had finished and put up on display. Miss Qiu also explained to us what activities we had today – cat in the hate playdough, moon sand (sensory activity where the children had to find letters and pictures of the cat in the hat) puzzles and our home corner area was open for business.


During our group time today Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen asked all our friends what they wanted to call our home corner area (as it is set up as a café/restaurant) we had lots of friends put their hands up and suggest a name and after all our brain storming we finally all agreed on a name – we have decided to call our home corner area Snowflake Restaurant tomorrow the children will decorate the name and we will be hanging it up in our home corner area.


We have all had a lovely day and after all that fun playing and learning we were ready for a rest and some lunch to fill up our bellies, the children enjoyed a rice bowl and afternoon tea was cake and fresh fruit – enjoyed our afternoon tea with our friends in Kindergarten 1 outside in the yard – mini picnic.


If you haven’t already done so can we please kindly ask if all our friends can please send in or bring a family photo for us to add to our tree we are getting photos everyday to add but we just don’t quite have everyone, it would be lovely to see all our families on our tree.


See you tomorrow, lots of love – Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen xx