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Dear families and friends, welcome back to another fun day in Kindergarten 2.

This morning whilst being outside, the children enjoyed playing with train tracks, racing with bikes and spin as fast as they can on spinning disks. The slide, climbing fort, balancing beams and painting poppies were also big hits. A reading corner with mat and cushions was also offered for those who needed to relax for a bit.

At 9.30, we all headed inside to wash our hands and get ready for group time. On the mat we started by saying ‘Jingeri'(meaning good morning in Aboriginal language) to our friends and educators. We then sang songs, identified today’s day, date and weather with the teacher’s helper,Sammy.  We then continued by acknowledgement of country, making letter K’s sound, air trace it and identify objects on letter K card.

After Morning Tea (baked beans with turkish bread and fruit), we sat for another group time where Miss Qiu explained today’s activity. To celebrate the nature week, we all headed outside, sat down in the shade and talked about nature and it’s benefits. We also discussed ways to keep the nature safe. The children then helped Miss Qiu to fill a baskets with leaves, sticks, stones and branches. The children headed back inside and participated as a group in arranging the natural materials we collected.

Before lunch, Carter shared all about his adventure with Mr Dingo with the classroom. He talked about where they went, what they saw and what they enjoyed. Thanks Carter for sharing with your friends.

Before we go outside in the afternoon, we reviewed information about soldiers and ANZAC day that we talked about yesterday. We remember the soldiers that fought for us a long time ago and how they protected us from bad guys. They kept us safe! Soldiers today continue to keep us safe.  We then sang with the ‘waiting matilda’ song as the classroom.

Thanks everyone for an amazing day.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.