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Parent-Teacher interviews
It’s that time of the year for parent-teacher interviews! You have the option of doing this face-to-face or phone call. The parent-teacher interview sheet is located under the sign-in/out iPad.
When: This Friday, 23rd April. Time: 2:30pm. Where: Pre-Kindy/Senior Kindy outdoor play area. What’s going on: ANZAC service followed with light refreshments. RSVP: Kindly RSVP to [email protected]


Dear families and friends, welcome back to another Thursday in Kindergarten Two.

This morning the children enjoyed venturing outside amongst variety of activities. This morning activities included waffle connectors, balancing obstacles, spinning disks, slides, climbing fort, sand pit and mud kitchen. The children also enjoyed exploring the water play in one trough with water play connectors and another trough for baby dolls to take a bath in.

At 9.30, we first washed our hands, then sat on the mat where we followed our routine. Our routine includes singing songs, saying ‘Jingeri’ to everybody, identifying today’s day, date and weather with the help of teacher’s helper. After acknowledging the country, we identified the letter of the week, letter L. The children as usual practised it’s phonics, air traced it and identified objects on letter L card.

After Morning Tea (baked beans and turkish bread), Miss Qiu explained what will happen next. Then at 10 o’clock, both Kindergarten classrooms joint SK and PK friends in their yard. We sat on the sandpit cover for an ANZAC service rehearsal which the children did great. When we came back to our classroom, we reviewed information about Anzac Day, then Mason shared his show and tell with his friends. He showed his dad’s hat and medals from the army. Thanks Mason for sharing.

Today’s activities which children chose to explore were construction, rainbow corner, drawing with crayons, threading and the clinic area. The children who were interested in joined Miss Qiu with a free expression drawing then a collaging activity.

After lunch (fried rice with tofus), the children will be practising drawing, writing names and date on their own exercise book. This activity will be supervised by the teachers to ensure children are developing their skills effectively.

During Afternoon Tea,  we got a bit upset to say goodbye to Liam. We gave him cuddles and made him best wishes in his new journey.

Thanks friends for a great day.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.