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This morning outside, many friends came to kindy dressed up as their favourite book character. There were so many Elsa’s in our yard today! In the sandpit, Alaska and Grace were in the kitchen. The girls were playing with the squeeze bottle and trying to squeeze sand out the top. Fynn was dressed up as a sheriff today. So his friends Daniella, Bonnie and Archie were all playing cops and robbers. Fynn had to try and catch his friends. Shion, Thomas, Nash, Cooper P, Cooper T and Shion were playing on the roped-steps. The children turned it upside down so that each person could sit in each step. Cooper T was the captain and his friends were the passengers in their train! Elke, Alaska, Cooper P, Shion, Steve, Ben, Connor and Charlie were playing tug of war with Miss Qiu. The children took turns on being on either side and had to try to pull their opponent across the line. It was so much fun!

For group time this morning, we completed our Acknowledgement to country. Then, we sang our ‘Days of the Week Song.” After singing the song, we completed our daily calendar/weather chart. Miss Nadine then read Connor’s book that he brought in for Book Week. It was called ‘Some Dogs Do.

For activity time, Connor said that he wanted to paint burgers. So we had brown, mustard, dark brown, green and red paint to paint some burgers. Our friends Connor, Abigail, Alaska and Leilani enjoyed painting their burgers. Charlie, Ben, Nash, Aristotelis, Thomas, Steve and Eric were playing with the train tracks. The children were connecting the tracks together to build one long track to drive their trains across. Rie, Nisha and Grace enjoyed home corner. Here, the children were playing families and serving food. Miss Jade made a ghost cup game for the children to play. The cups had ghost faces on them and were stacked into a pyramid. The children took turns to try and hit down as many cups as they could. It was so fun! Fynn, Bonnie, Archie, Cooper T and Cooper P loved this game. This game allowed the children to practice their gross motor skills, fine motor skills and their hand-eye coordination. Daniella and Elke enjoyed the puzzles. The girls worked together to solve numerical puzzles. Great effort girls!

Miss Hayley came to teach us yoga today. We began our lesson by starting off with a warm-up that practiced our breathing and stretches. We continued with the sleeping bunny song. Our friends really enjoyed that activity. To conclude our lesson, we lay on the ground to practice our breathing. The children then engaged in a story brought by Grace. It was the story of Frozen and the children thoroughly enjoyed engaging in it. The children then voted what animal they wanted to learn about. The children chose the crab. We already knew that crabs have two claws, had a hard shell to protect themselves and live by the water, We watched a video to learn more about crabs and learnt that Christmas Island crabs live in Australia. They can each other. Crabs have 8 legs and 2 claws. Crabs that live in water have gills while the ones on land have lungs.

For the table activities, the children enjoyed number puzzles, memory game, floor puzzles, books, writing table and connecting flowers.

Next, we picked out the phonics song that we wanted to sing. The children then sat in a circle for a game. In the centre of the circle were all of the letters of the alphabet. Miss Jade chose two friends to be in the centre. When the music played, the children had to dance around the letters. When the music stopped, Miss Jade would say a sound and they had to try and collect that letter. It was such a fun game!

Miss Jade and Miss Nadine