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Kindergarten 2 – Thursday 23rd July, 2020

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Welcome Kindergarten 2 Families!

In the morning we had a lovely time drawing with chalk outside on the stone wall and rocks…the children had an absolute blast following their own creativity drawing rainbows, writing their names and drawing little pictures and shapes. Lets hope it stays dry for the rest of the day so the beautiful drawings don’t get washed away 🙂

We also had fun sitting outside on the mat with comfy pillows, reading stories and looking at picture books. Some preferred to read by themselves while others liked some time with a friend or teacher to read a story together.

Miss Dani had the children decide on the activities today and they loved it. They chose the dolls house on the mat, the memory game and together the children sat around the cards, taking it in turns to try and find a matching pair. At the table some improved their problem solving skills puzzling while others wanted to colour in some pretty pictures or build with the connecting flowers.

We also had the cars on the car table again as most of our children have been showing great interest. They share the space four at a time and its great to see their little conversations, role play and their sharing skills.

Thank you for another fantastic day.

Just a little reminder that some of our friends haven’t brought in their folders for Show and Tell/Readers (down the track) yet. It would be absolutely fantastic if you could bring them in as soon as possible as we have started with our Show and Tell and if your child doesn’t have a folder you won’t know when their turn is as we aren’t able to send the Show and Tell form home unless we have the folder.

Make sure to check your child’s folder as soon as they bring it back home as it has a form in it which tells you what date your child’s Show & Tell is and what to bring in/what question to answer 🙂 Thank you so much for your cooperation and help.

And we also wanted to apologies on the blurry photos lately. Our camera has been having issues and we are just waiting on our new camera at the moment.


See you all again tomorrow

Miss Dani and Miss Nadine

Written by elckindergarten2

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