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This morning outside, Fynn, Bonnie and Daniella were working together to build a tower. The children took turns in placing blocks on the tower to see how tall they could get it. Grace and Nisha were drawing at the tables. They were drawing pictures for our class elf Elfie. Cooper P, Cooper T, Charlie and Shion were at the trees. They were looking for bugs on the branches and found ladybugs! They were trying to then catch them. Eric, Charlie, Thomas, Archie, Grace, Elke, Steve and Nisha were flying their paper planes. Miss Shannon made the children planes and even got to race them to see whose plane went the furthest.

For group time today, we went outside to the sandpit. We then completed our Acknowledgement to Country and chose the ‘Days of the Week’ song that we could sing without music. We thought that the Halloween one was the easiest. After that, we spoke about the daily calendar and completed it in our heads! Great effort everyone! Miss Jade read the children two Christmas stories: ‘The Naughty List’ and ‘Poop-filled Christmas.’ The children especially enjoyed the ‘Poop-filled Christmas’ book as it was about poop!

We had activity time in the sandpit area today. Thomas and Connor were digging a huge hold in the sandpit; one big enough to trap Mr Lachie. Elke, Nisha and Grace were playing ‘Snow Dogs’ as they were pretending that the sand was snow and barking around the sandpit as they pretended to be dogs. Shion had an interest in dragonflies so today we used pipe-cleaners, popsicle sticks, wooden sticks, googly eyes and other bits and pieces to make dragonflies. The children thoroughly enjoyed twisting the pipe-cleaners to make their wings and sticking on the googly eyes. Shion, Fynn, Archie, Alaska, Charlie, Elke, Grace, Nisha, were creating such amazing dragonflies to take home. Abigail and Lillian were building a birdhouse on the side of the sandpit. They used blocks and sandpit toys to create a structure for their pretend birds. Cooper P and Cooper T were trying to dog a huge hole that could fit Cooper P into. They worked together to dig as much as they could. Nash, Ben, Aristotelis, Steve, Eric and Archie build cars out of Mobilo. They used the wooden ramp for their cars to slide down and even created a bridge for them to go under. Lillian, Bonnie, Leilani and Daniella enjoyed the connecting tubes. Here, the girls were making delicious donuts. Rie loved making sand angels on the sand.

Miss Haley came and had a yoga lesson with the children. The children began by listening to the music and following Miss Haley to complete a variety of yoga moves. Then, the children engaged in a yoga book where we could pose like mountains and stars. We love having Miss Haley in our room for yoga!

Shared their Show and Tell. Then, Mr Don and the children explored dragonflies further. They looked at the parts of the dragonfly, which included their wings, eyes, legs and thorax. The children also spoke about where they could find them and what they might eat.

For the table activities, the children enjoyed, drawing, connecting shapes, magnetic sticks, and connecting flowers.

For group time, we chose our phonics song and went over our alphabet. We then chose a phonics game to engage in. Then, we began to practice our songs for the Christmas party. We enjoyed singing and dancing to them.