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Parent Information

Parent Teacher Interviews 2nd and 3rd June
Please pick a time for a chat on the sign-up sheet located underneath the iPad.
Spare clothes (bottoms)
If you have old pants that your child isn’t interested in wearing anymore, we’d love to have them for ‘accidents’!
As the weather cools down, please make sure that your child is dressed in closed-toe shoes with socks and have a jumper in their bags just in case they get cold.


Dear families and friends,

We started our day outside alongside Kindergarten One friends. The activities offered outside included maintaining our balance on balancing beams, pretend to cook in mud kitchen and spinning disks. The children also enjoyed exploring water connectors in water troughs. Besides the slides, climbing forts and the sandpit, our friends had the opportunity to have a quiet corner with books and cushions on the mat in case they needed to relax their minds.

At 9.30, we all washed our hand and sat on the mat to start our group time. We sang songs, identified today’s day, date and weather with the teacher’s helper, Harvey and acknowledged the country. We then continued with identifying the letter of the week letter M. The children identified the letter, pronounced it’s sound and helped Miss Qiu recognising objects on letter M card. The children also pronounced the sound of letters from letter A to letter M. Our friends transitioned to Morning Tea by individually making the sound of each letter Miss Qiu pointed to.

After Morning Tea (baked bean with turkish bread and fruits), Miss Qiu explained today’s activities and how children can participate in today’s main activity. The children then answered to the question of the day which was ‘Who would you like to marry?’. This question was an extension upon Range’s and Connor’s discussion about marriage.

Today’s activities included drawing in the rainbow corner, puzzles and ‘doggy doggy where is your bone?’ The children also helped Miss Qiu draw a map as an extension of yesterday’s activity. They draw a map of the classroom. Then, they used ‘invisible ink’ to dot a route which will lead to the ‘treasure’. Just before Afternoon Tea, the children will go for a hunt to find the treasure.

During quiet time, Miss Qiu will draw an easy picture on the board using shapes. The children will then be required to try to draw the same picture, write their name and date the page on their own exercise book. During this time, the educators will focus on children’s correct grip and support their writing skill.

Thanks every one for a great day.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.