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This morning outside, Rie, Nash, Aristotelis and Connor were colouring-in at the tables. The children had a variety of Christmas colouring-in to colour. There were elves, Christmas trees and other festives designs. Alaska was playing on the climbing frame. She enjoyed sitting at the very top to watch all her friends. Abigail, Grace and Nisha were playing families. The children took turns pretending to be the mother, sister and baby.  

For group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country.  Then, Miss Jade showed everyone of a sheet with various counties, their flag and how they say ‘Merry Christmas.’ Grace chose the country South Africa. There, they say “Geseënde Kersfees.” We all tried to say it and greeted Miss Jade while completing the roll. After that, Shion chose the Days of the Week song and we completed the daily calendar.  

At activity time, Connor brought in his number cards to share with his peers. Alaska, Cooper P and Shion were very interested in how to play his game. Connor went through the rules and the children took turns in this game. Miss Jade set up a fine-motor activity for the children. Here, the children had to make their own snowflakes out of pipe-cleaners. The children had to twist a few pipe-cleaners together to make the snowflake. Once the pieces were altogether, the children were able to place on beads to decorate. Nisha, Elke, Bonnie, Daniella, Abigail and Rie enjoyed creating their own snowflakes. Fynn and Archie were playing with the magnetic sticks. The boys were collecting all the long pieces to connect with each other. Grace, Alaska, Thomas and Steve were playing with the Christmas sensory box with Miss Rose. The children touched the coconut and even smelt it. Some enjoyed the smell while others didn’t! Nash, Aristotelis, Charlie and Ben were building with the Mobilo. The boys were making cars and trucks. They even took turns in sharing the wheels amongst each other. Grace, Leilani, Abigail and Rie enjoyed writing letters to Santa. Miss Jade would ask them what they wanted and would write them on the whiteboard. The children would then copy it down on their letter. Eric, Shion and Steve were playing with the cars. The boys raced their cars along the car table and floor to see how fast they could go.  

Miss Hayley came for her final yoga session with us. We began the lesson with ‘Sleeping Bunnies.’ The children had to listen to the song and act out and perform that yoga pose when it was announced. After the song, the children sat in a circle to practice their breathing. Miss Hayley reminded the children to take deep breaths when they are angry, sad or have other emotions.  

After yoga, Alaska and Bonnie shared their Show and Tell. Alaska shared a photo of her and her cousins while Bonnie brought in her mystery item. Bonnie brought in a Kiwi! She told us so many facts about it such as it is from New Zealand, they place their beaks into dirt and cannot fly because their wings are too small and are too heavy! Miss Rose then shared more facts about Kiwi such as they come out at night time to hide from their prey, they are a protected species and eat insects. We then watched a video to learn more about them. It was so interesting to learn about a new animal.  

For the table activities, the children enjoyed drawing, puzzles, magnetic sticks, and connecting flowers, snowflake making and writing.  

For group time, we chose our phonics song and went over our alphabet. We then chose a phonics game to engage in. After that, the children chose various songs to sing and dance to.  

Miss Jade and Miss Rose