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Water Play Day!
We hereby declare next Monday, 8th March a water play day!
Footwear: Please make sure that your child has waterproof shoes – Crocs, thongs and flip-flops to protect their feet.
In their bag: Change of clothes, towel and a plastic bag.
And most importantly, a water shooter!
Floral Friday
To acknowledge and celebrate Torres Strait Islander culture, dress your child in flowery or bright and colourful clothes this Friday, 5th March!
For dress up/art activities: old necklaces, unwanted beads,
For our outdoor music band: noise-making implements, things made of metal (biscuit tins, milk powder tins, unwanted ladles, spoons, scoops, etc)

Good evening to our wonderful families and friends. Welcome to Thursday.
As Miss Qiu was feeling a bit unwell today, we were so luck to have Miss Valerie in our classroom who created such a warm friendly environment for children.
Our morning today begun in the sandpit yard where we had so much fun drawing with crayons, getting crazy on spinning disks and keeping our balance on wooden logs. Children also developed their imagination, creativity, sensory, social and fine motor skill through digging for treasures, finding shark teeth, making pretend food and building castles.
We headed inside at 9.30, washed our hands and sat on the mat where we followed our daily routine such as: greeting each other, identifying the day, date and the weather, practise acknowledgement of the country, sang songs and identified the letter of the week (letter ‘E’) followed by the air-tracing the writing and it’s phonic. Children also identified the objects (start with E) seen on the E card. During group time, today Teacher’s helper (Connor) helped with setting up Morning Tea which consisted of raspberry cake with fruits . After having Morning Tea, we sat back on the mat again to review the world map and identify children’s background and where they’re from using the map. As an extension upon this children practised how to say ‘Hello’ in different languages.
Miss Sana then reminded children of the Floral Friday tomorrow and introduced today’s activity to children which was making beautiful colourful flowers to celebrate the day and to also decorate our room with.
Activities offer at the tables today were play dough, painting, cube blocks, shape connectors alphabet puzzle, and animal farm. Children also spent some time exploring the doll house.
Before lunch (sausage roll and salad), everyone participated in the Yoga class with Miss Hailey.
Thanks friends for another great day and Thanks to Miss Valerie for stepping in our room today.
Lots of Love,
Miss Sana and Miss Valerie X.