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Happy Thursday Kindergarten 2 Families,

We had a lovely day today in our classroom. The children had a quick play outside before it got way to hot for playing in the sun. We had some that continued their digging in the sand, trying to clean the step that they had dug out using buckets with water. Others loved putting the big black mat over the cubby house to shield it from the sun and follow their interest. Clever friends.

We came inside for some yummy Mango Jelly, Granola and Berry compote and the children gobbled their morning tea down before we transitioned into our activities. We completely left it up to the children to choose activities today which they seemed to really enjoy. Elle placed drawing out on one of the tables and every seat was taken with friends doing their own little art pieces on white paper or colouring in Christmas pictures. Amber and Amar asked for Playdough and most of our friends had a turn building, cutting and creating little creatures using the dough. Marley and Atlas asked to play with the Kinetic sand and together they let the dinosaurs walk over their little Kintic sand world. Jairaj found our Dinosaur blocks and the boys had the best time putting the Dinosaurs together, letting them roar and wonder over the table. Emilia had been showing a great interest in our shape patterns and she put the shapes on the table and with her friends together, they made a big picture out of lots of little wooden shapes.

Half way through it was time to pack away as we had our special Christmas show today. The children did a great job wondering down to Senior Kindy Room, sitting nicely while waiting for the Show to start and they all had a blast listening to her songs, singing along and dancing to Christmas themed songs.

Thank you for a great day and see you all again tomorrow

Miss Dani and Miss Nadine

Written by elckindergarten2

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