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Parent involvement
Please write any suggestions you might have for ‘Question of the day’ on the A3 ‘K2 parent information’ sheet. It’s on the brick wall above the small table with the children’s name-writing practise folder beside the entrance to our room.


Dear families and friends, welcome to another fun day in Kindergarten Two.

This morning, the children enjoyed playing alongside their Kindergarten One friends. Also those who have siblings, enjoyed interacting with them through the gate. In the yard, the children had the opportunity to play with balancing course, slides, climbing, train tracks, cubby house and reading books. Before coming inside, we played the ‘Zombie’ game as a classroom which was lots of fun and everyone did a great job at following the rules.

At 9.30, we headed inside where we first sang songs, said Jingeri to everyone, identified today’s day, date and weather. Second we acknowledged the country and Miss Qiu explained why we do it everyday. At last, the children identified the week’s letter, letter J, air traced it, made the sound of it and identified objects ob letter J’s card.

We then got ready for Morning Tea (crackers and fruits) and sat down on the mat again for our second group time. On the mat, we talked about spiders and watched an education video about how they make webs. This was an extension of our observation upon spider we saw yesterday afternoon in the yard. During the video, we discussed spider’s characteristics and the new things we learnt about them. To finish the group time, Alexander demonstrated his show and tell where he shared his adventures with Mr Cockatoo.

Today we decided to explore both inside and outside, therefore the classroom was split in two groups. Group One stayed inside with Miss Sana and Mr Pete where we explored dominos, cars, wooden blocks and open ended cylinder toys. Some children started their mother’s day crafts with Miss Sana at table. Group Two headed outside with Miss Qiu where they enjoyed playing games and answer a questionnaire about Mother’s day.

After Lunch (sausage rolls with tomato sauce, salad), the children had a quiet time where they read for 10 minutes . After that, the children practised their fine motor and grasp skill through drawing and writing whilst supervising by the educators.

Thanks friends for a great day.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.