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Hello to all our Kindergarten 2 friends and families, welcome everyone to our blog for Tuesday the 12thof January 2021,


This morning we welcomed back some of our friends back from the holidays, we were so happy to see them! We headed upstairs a little bit earlier today with Miss Kim, we played in our Kindergarten 1 class room while we waited for the sun to warm up our yard. Once the sun was shinning and it was just after 8am we were all ready to go and explore with our hats on our heads, sunscreen applied, shoes on and smiles from ear to ear… We were off!!


The yard looked so inviting this morning with lots of sandpit toys set up in the sandpit for us all to get creative and make lots of sandcastles, dinosaurs set up in a small world, cooking pots and pans in our MUD Kitchen and out on the green grass we had an obstacle that was in the shape of a Z made up of ladders, ramps, bridges, and stepping stones.


exploring that we forgot what time it was… we lined up to wash our hands for morning tea just before 9:45am. This morning we all enjoyed yummy freshly made chocolate cakes with fresh fruit slices to fill up our hungry bellies for the morning, we each found our meal tags and sat down and enjoyed our self serve morning tea, eating it all up!


When everyone had finished enjoying their morning tea we all stacked our chairs and cleared away our plates joining Miss Qiu down on the group time mat for our morning group time, we sung and greeted all our friends and teachers to the day, discovered that today is Tuesday and counted all our friends that were here today reaching the number 20!


We had a request from one of our friends if we could make Cat in the hat red playdough and that’s exactly what we did, we had some friends help Miss Shannen mix all the ingredients that we needed to make the perfect red playdough! We all used our hands to combine the ingredients – we loved getting a little bit messy. We then shared all the playdough with our friends around the table and used our imagination to make lots of objects and animals – we had snakes, snowmans, hotdogs and donuts!


We have all had a really good day and are all doing an amazing job with helping our new friends in the room.


Just a friendly reminder that if we can please bring in or email through a family photo for us to add to our growing family tree we would love to display all our friends family photos.


Thank you so much. Enjoy your evenings and we will see you all tomorrow.


Lots of love – Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen xx