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Dear families and friends,

We started our Tuesday outside playing alongside Kindergarten One friends whilst exploring usual physical activities. Whilst waiting for all our friends to arrive, the children also enjoyed playing group games with their educators. Games such as ‘what’s the time Mr wolf’, ‘hide and seek’ and ‘duck duck goose’ all requested by children.

At 9.30, we all washed our hand and sat on the mat to start our group time. We sang songs, identified today’s day, date and weather with the teacher’s helper, Oscar and acknowledged the country. We then continued with identifying the letter of the week letter K. The children identified the letter, pronounced it’s sound and helped Miss Qiu recognising objects on letter K card. The children also pronounced the sound of letters from letter A to letter K. After that Miss Qiu used the puppets to told a story about using appropriate words all the time. the children were transitioned to Morning Tea by individually making the sound of each letter Miss Qiu pointed to.

Morning Tea consisted of cakes with fruits. After Morning Tea, Zoey read her ‘very hungry caterpillar’ book for the classroom. Miss Qiu then introduced today’s activity and asked the children a one-on-one question. Today’s question was ‘what starts with letter K?’.

Today’s activities were painting (making poppies), spirals, drawing, cars, Legos and horse farm. The children also explored the rainbow corner and the clinic area which were big hits today.

Before lunch, Oscar shared his show and tell with his friends. He talked about Kangaroos, what they eat and where they can be find. At the end, he answered to his friend’s questions. Thanks Oscar for sharing.

Also a big thanks to our friends for a great day.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.