Hello families and friends of our wonderful Kindergarten 2 class, welcome to our Tuesday the 19thof January 2021 blog, we hope that everyone has had a day as fun and happy as ours has been… Here is a snippet on how we spent our day…


This morning we welcomed back some of our friends who had returned from holidays, and we were all so excited to see them back!


Today was the perfect day to be outside in the sunshine enjoying this Gold Coast weather, we made sure we all had our hats on and applied lots of sunscreen to our skin safe. Some of our friends enjoyed digging down in the bark area using the dump trucks as it was nice and soft from the rain we had last night they then would fill up the back of the trucks and transfer the bark to make piles creating their own small world mini construction site.


We had lots of friends enjoying the cubby house out on the yard and using their imagination for role play, the cubby house was an ice cream shop, a house, a vet and the shops all in one!


All our friends lined up with Miss Qiu just before 10am we headed inside a little bit later today as we were all having to much fun out in the yard with all our friends and teachers, Miss Shannen set up our morning tea with some help from our friends, the children enjoyed a plate of yummy fresh fruit, and a freshly baked blueberries cake to fill up all our tummies for the morning.


When all our friends had finished eating we packed away our plates, stacked our chairs and joined our friends and Miss Qiu down on the group time mat. We had our friend Connor bring in a book all about SHARKS!! We were all so interested learning about sharks and their habitats – thank you Connor for bringing in your book to share with us we all loved it! Friends and families if you have any special books that you would like to bring in and share with us to read during our group times please bring them in! We then welcomed and greeted all our friends and teachers to the day and today we had so many friends that we counted a total of 21 friends! We sung our good morning song, days of the week, and some of Miss Qiu’s other group time songs. Miss Qiu finished off our group time with discussing about Australia Day and showing our friends a very LARGE map of Australia as Australia Day is coming up next week, we have some fun and exciting activities to celebrate Australia Day.


Today during our group time we had a morning where all our friends got to choose the activities that they wanted to have out – we had friends down on the mats playing with the dolls in the doll house, using the wooden blocks to construct and build towers, reading and looking at Connors Shark book and up on the tables we had sorting beads, memory game, drawing with crayons, and puzzles. We were all so busy today it was great!


Just before lunch we had a group time where we echoed Miss Qiu and sung our phonics, and number song – lunch we ate up some lasagne and fresh salad.


Enjoy your evenings and see you all tomorrow, please bring in your family photos!! We are missing lots of friends photos – you can email them through to info@benowahillsearlylearning.com.au


Lots of love Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen xx