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Do you have photos of family members who have served in the army? Please send them through!
When: This Friday, 23rd April. Time: 2:30pm. Where: Pre-Kindy/Senior Kindy outdoor play area. What’s going on: ANZAC service followed with light refreshments. RSVP: Kindly RSVP to [email protected]


Dear families and friends, We hope everyone is having a nice day so far.

This morning children enjoyed exploring amongst variety of activities offered to them. Activities such as bike riding, balancing beams, waffle connectors, sining disks and bouncy dragon. The children were also able to explore connectors, blocks, sand pit area, mud kitchens and slides.

At 9.30, the children washed their hands and sat on the mat to sing songs, identify today’s day, date and weather. We then acknowledged the country and practised the phonics of letters. Miss Qiu also reminded children about ANZAC day, the soldier who fought and to finish the group time we repeated the Ode of Remembrance after Miss Qiu.

After finishing Morning Tea (raspberry cake with fruits), the children sat for another where Miss Qiu continued with explaining more about the soldiers. She also explained the different types of soldiers that we have – land, sky and sea. Miss Qiu then talked about hard tack which was made for the soldiers because they needed something that would last and could travel lightly.

For today’s activity, the children explored shape blocks, Legos, dominos and cars with wooden blocks and open ended cylinder. The clinic area was also a big hit by children. Those children who were interested, joined Miss Qiu at table to make hard tacks. Miss Sana sat down with children and completed a questionnaire about Anzac Day.

Before Lunch (fried noodle with salad), Miss Sana read Hendrix’s book ‘my family going camping’. Thanks Hendrix, for sharing your book with us. After theta Spencer shared his show and tell with a classroom. He brought a book called ‘letters from flex’. He talked about the story of the book, what each page talks about and why he chose to bring that book. Thanks Spencer for sharing.

Also a big thanks to all our friends for a great Tuesday.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.

p.s. photos courtesy of Range. Hence the different angles!