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Easter Raffle Tickets

This week, raffle tickets will go home with your child. Please send the booklets back with $5 as well as some Easter eggs/cookies/candy/craft/anything lying around the house for our Easter basket! On the 31st of March, we’ll pick one raffle ticket – the lucky winner will take the Easter basket home!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar excursion

This Friday, 26th March

Please dress your child in a white shirt on that day.

Information: The bus will leave at 10.45am. Show will run from 11.30am-12.20pm. We’ll then head straight back to school for lunch.

For school readiness/independence: Please dress your child in a white shirt on that day and a small backpack they can carry on their own with 1) a change of clothes 2) a water bottle.


Dear families and friends,


We hope that everyone is having a lovely week so far, in spite of the rain!


This morning, we were rained in and spent some time in the sandpit. Range politely asked Miss Qiu for a tennis ball and he practised batting it with a block. Carter dug to the bottom of the sandpit and found a pool of water. Perhaps we are being flooded from underneath!


As our Easter show was cancelled due to the rain, Oscar thought of different ways that we could invite the Easter bunny back. During morning group time, Miss Qiu brainstormed some ways that we could make the Easter bunny feel welcome enough to return.


During activity time, our friends enjoyed scratching out Easter eggs with Miss Andressa. Some of them also made Easter egg cup holders. Miss Qiu spent some time with our friends drawing Easter bunnies, which was good practise for their fine motor development.


Every Tuesday, the speech pathologist students from Griffith university visit our centre. They came in for play with our friends. If you’d like your child to enjoy interacting with the students, please remember to fill out the permission forms. They commented that the children played nicely as a group by using plenty of interactive play.


Finally, Miss Qiu provided the children more information about the water cycle and why it rains.


Wishing everyone a good evening.



Miss Qiu, Miss Andressa (Miss Sana is away) and Mr Pete