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Happy Tuesday Families

This morning was a little cooler outside, so it took a little extra playing than normal to warm ourselves up. The children were all playing beautifully together, with much conversation, sharing and turn taking happening. After a lovely play, the children were excited to warm up with their morning tea. Miss Kristy had made a delicious home made baked beans which they dipped their turkish bread in to soak up the sauce.

With warm, full tummies, we ventured inside for some indoor activities. Today the children were able to once again able to extend their dramatic play with the dolls house, this proved quite popular with many children patiently waiting their turn. An  action packed area was the wooden truck area, where the children made their own roads and pathways for the trucks to manoeuvre. As practice for learning their names, the children used the magnetic letter to make their names, they were able to use their name cards for assistance if they needed to. Polyhedron shapes were a hit today, they require good fine motor control and strength in order to click them together. This is good muscle development for writing in Prep. At the Art table today, the children were able to colour and design some clothing options and then cut them out to stick onto their paper dolls. Again, this is great fine  motor practice in readiness for school.

During group time today the children looked at the sound “x”. This is a tricky sound and sometimes we had to think of words with an “x” in them and not just words beginning with that sound. We also did some counting and identifying of numbers up to 20 in print. They are getting so clever and it is exciting seeing this development taking place right before our eyes.

Just a couple of reminders:

  • If you arrive after 9:30am please got to the main office although, in readiness for school, we encourage you to arrive before 9am to simulate a normal school day drop off.
  • If you received a note about bring in in a plastic folder, could you do so ASAP in order for us to organise our Show & Tell promptly. If you didn’t receive a note about that, don’t panic, it just means you brought one in with your supplies at the beginning of the year.
  • If you have any old magazine at home we would love to take them off your hands.

Have a fabulous Tuesday and we will see you all this afternoon!

Miss Dani & Miss Nadine



Written by elckindergarten2

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