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Kindergarten 2 – Tuesday 3rd December, 2019

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Happy Tuesday,

we had a lovely day today in Kindergarten 2. Outside the children loved playing tag running around the yard, trying to catch each other, others had the best time in the sandpit yard trying to dig as deep as possible. Archer even said he is going dig to the middle of the earth.

We came inside for some yummy morning tea and soon transitioned into our playtime. We finished off our plant pots and our Christmas tree art activity with the children that didn’t get the chance to do them last week and as soon as they had finished we had some colouring in faries and gingerbread men using our pencils and pastel crayons. The children loved being able to follow their own imagination colouring in with lots of different colours.

Others loved dressing up in our home corner and bringing their role play into our tree/rest time corner. They pretended to go camping and our brown blanket turned into a lion which they had to look after. So much beautiful imagination.

The shape blocks were busy too with our friends copying some of our photo picture examples and extended their interest into patterns soon after in creating their very own patterns and art pieces.

Thank you for a great day and see you all again tomorrow

Miss Dani and Miss Nadine

Written by elckindergarten2

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