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Hello and good evening to all our Kindergarten 2 friends and families we hope that everyone has had a lovely day and as much fun as we all have today here in Kindergarten 2 with Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen, welcome to our Tuesday the 5th of January blog 2021.

Today was another day for all our friends to explore and get to know all our new friends, this morning we had an art activity with Miss Shannen where the children picked a colour paint that they liked and each friend drew their own face, they used their fine motor skills holding the paint brushes as they painted eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair! The children have all enjoyed exploring there new room and engaging in all activities within the room.

After we enjoyed our morning activity time we all enjoyed some Dr. Seuss stories with Miss Qiu just before we settled down for some yummy lunch and a rest.

Friends and families a friendly reminder  –

Kindly bring in a family photo for our family tree! If you have photos in your phone, simply email it to [email protected], and we can print it out for you.

and for your child’s hats we kindly ask that when you pick your child up, please make sure that your child’s hat goes back into the K2 room, on their hat rack. These are named from a-z, left to right. If they don’t have a school’s hat, feel free to bring in a hat from home.

Thank you Kindergarten 2 for a fun day, see you all tomorrow

Lots of love Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen xx