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Dear families and friends, we hope everyone had a nice time over the holiday.

We spent this morning outside due to the wet weather. In the sandpit, children enjoyed digging sand, building towers using blocks, pretend to cook and maintaining our balance on the logs. Whilst playing, Theodore came up with the idea of running and sliding. Range also showed his friends how to do the splits.

Before heading inside, the children were reminded of washing hands effectively and the educators supervised the children as re-ensuring. On the mat,children said ‘Jingeri’ to their friends and educators, sang songs and identified today’s day, date and weather. Then we acknowledge the country and practised letter J’s air tracing, making the sound it and identified objects on letter J card.

Morning Tea, consisted of muesli with custard and fruits. After that children sat on the mat with Miss Qiu where they were asked individually what they did over Easter. Miss Qiu then explained today’s activities and explained the rules for the children to follow whilst playing.

Today, we started our Mother’s day crafts where children used their creativity to decorate their mum’s presents. At the tables, children explored play dough and drawing. The children also participated in a tossing game with Mr Pete which was lots of fun. On the mat, the children worked as a team to make a city with blocks and animals.

After lunch (felafel wraps with salad), the children had a quick quiet time where they were encouraged to read quietly for 10 minutes. Our friends then watched a 10 minutes yoga session whilst following the poses. Range then shared with his friends the chocolate Easter eggs he brought from home. Thanks Range, for sharing.

Thanks Kindergarten Two for a great day.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.