Happy Wednesday Kindergarten 2 Families,

we just wanted to send a little reminder out for our ’emergency service dress up’ coming up this coming to thank everyone helping during this time in the hinterland! We would also like to ask for a little donation of gold coin or some bottled water or cans of food to help our community. Thank you!

We had a lovely day today. Lots of fun play outside in the morning, taking it in turns sliding down our new slide, pretending to be animals (snails, snakes etc.).  Some practiced hand stands against the wall while others learned to hold their friends legs to have a wheel barrow race. SO much fun!

After we came inside for some yummy morning tea of berry jelly we transitioned into our room for some relaxing yoga. Everybody had a turn and we are so proud of all our friends trying their best in following and copying the yoga poses. Well done!

We decided to set up a cutting experience today to improve our friends cutting skills. Each of them had a paper with swirly lines, they had to colour them in first before picking up a scissor to cut along the lines. Great work.

Some of our boys really enjoyed the coloured shapes to lay patterns and follow the pattern pictures. The children are getting better in better in putting their own little patterns together to create big pictures.

Most of our girls decided to follow their own creativity and draw with our pencils while others explored and had a great time in our home corner cooking and having a role play.

Thank you for a great day….stay save everyone

Miss Dani and Miss Nadine

Written by elckindergarten2