Hello and good evening to all our wonderful Kindergarten 2 friends and families, we hope that everyone has had a lovely Wednesday and a day as fun as we have all had, welcome to our Wednesday the 13thof January 2021 blog. Here is what we got up to with our Kindergarten 2 friends, Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen….


This morning we all combined with both our friends from Kindergarten 1 and Vacation Care we had so many friends to play with today we had friends everywhere we looked!


The sun was shining and not a cloud in sight, it was the perfect weather for the Gold Coast as we sure made the most of this lovely day, we all enjoyed a longer play outside this morning with friends enjoying running races up and down the ramp with Miss Shannen, constructing sandcastles fit for princess and princes, climbing up and over, threw and in-between the obstacle course equipment and sliding our way through Wednesday down the slide.


We headed inside just before 10am as we had some friends with very hungry bellies, today’s morning tea was the perfect way to cool our bodies down with some yummy coconut yogurt with granola on the top, on the side or mixed all the way through, we also had yummy fresh fruit slices and pieces of bananas, strawberries, blueberries and watermelon. We certainly filled up all our bellies for the morning with all that yummy goodness.


When all our friends had finished eating their morning tea we all joined Miss Qiu down on the group time mat for our morning group time, this morning Miss Qiu went through some of the new resources that Miss Shannen had made for the board, we marked and welcomed all our friends and teachers to the day , counted how many friends we had – 18 and said hello to Miss Qiu’s puppets.


Today for our table activities we had lots of friends requesting for our cat in the hat red playdough that we made yesterday to be brought back out on the tables, Lego building, free expression drawing and we had some friends practicing their cutting skills  with Miss Shannen while we had some friends down on the mats with Miss Qiu enjoying small world play with our animals sorting them into carnivore and herbivores.


After we had so much fun playing we were all ready for some yummy lunch and a rest. We enjoyed a bowl of spaghetti and fresh salad bar.


Once the sun wasn’t so hot we all finished off a great day out in the yard with all our friends where we had our afternoon tea.


See you all tomorrow,


Please kindly bring in your family photos for us to add to our family tree we would love to see and have all our friends from Kindergarten 2’s photos up.


Lots of love Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen xx