Happy Wednesday Kindergarten 2 Families,

we came in a little earlier this morning due to a very busy schedule for our Kindergarten 2 friends today!

Kindergarten 2 enjoyed some yummy Berry Chia Pudding with fresh BananasĀ  before transitioning into our room for some free play.

We had a great time puzzling, improving our problem solving skills and helping each other when we got a little stuck. We had lots of busy bees drawing. The children have been getting so great with their art work. We can really see an improvement in their pictures compared to the start of the year. Lots of rainbows, houses, suns, trees and so much more! Our shapes with pattern cards were super busy as well with most of our boys sitting around the table, giggling and talking and either creating their own pattern or following the picture cards. So much fun to watch our friends have a beautiful and fun time together. On the mat we had lots of our girlfriends sitting together in a circle exploring the connecting flowers, chatting and showing each other their constructions.

At 10:30 am we had Pennies mum come in to share some science experiments with us and our friends were so super excited! She had prepared for us to make lava lamps, slime and dry ice bubbles. We started with dry ice bubbles and our friends decided to use orange and red colour to put in some water and added dry ice to it. As soon as Pennies mum put the dry ice into the colored water, the water started bubbling and gasing. “This is so awesome”, Joseph said. We also added some soap to it to create our own bubbles. “Wow…bubbles”, we could hear from lots of friends.

Lava lamps were our next experiment and we used normal water and added some vegetable oil. We saw the water sitting on the bottom and the oil sitting on top of the water. Penny was a great teacher putting some dye into the mixture. Penny added a multivitamine and all of a sudden we were able to see bubbles floating to the top. What a fun way to create our own lava lamp. All our friends were able to get a turn in creating a lamp. Well done friends!

Thank you so much Steph for coming in and sharing the science experiments with us!

We see you all again tomorrow

Miss Dani and Miss Nadine


Written by elckindergarten2