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Happy Wednesday Kindergarten 2 Families,

 we started out with some great fun in the outdoor yard this morning, as Miss Nadine had set up the water runs in the sandpit yard extending the children’s interest after they had explored the water runs in the sand yesterday. The moved the water run to flow off the middle bench in the sandpit and onto the tray watching the water flow down and refilling the buckets over and over again. Such a great way to learn about gravity!

We came inside for some yummy jelly morning tea and headed straight back outside for some yoga outside!

As we came inside all relaxed and stretched out we engaged in lots of different activities at the table and mat. We had a big group puzzle on the mat with our children doing great team work helping each other. The Kinetic sand was super popular again, some even used our volume shapes to fill and take out the shaped sand having squares and triangles formed with the sand. The playdough table was super busy with our friends chatting and laughing with each other and creating lots of different things….some made sushi, others just rolled long snakes and used knifes to cut them in little sausage rolls, while some even formed letters!

We also had a free art activity with PCV glue, paper and little sticks and the children used the sticks to put the glue on their paper and create an art work using their own imagination.

Such a great day today and so much exploring in every way

See you all again tomorrow

Miss Dani and Miss Nadine

Written by elckindergarten2

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