Hello families and friends of our Kindergarten 2 class, we hope that everyone had a Wonderful Wednesday. Here is our blog for Wednesday 20thof January 2021.


This morning we all wanted to get outside as soon as we could as some friends looked up to the sky and notice that they clouds looked dark, grey and full of rain! And they were exactly right we weren’t outside for to long before it started to sprinkle, but luckily we have the under covered sandpit area that is big enough that we all were able to still stay out there and enjoy the sandpit area, this morning Miss Kylie brought up some new trucks and dump trucks for us to play with, we were all so happy and excited to get new trucks! Beep Beep, once the rain stopped we were back out in the yard and enjoyed today’s set up – we had spinning tables, obstacle course, horses, music station and the fort with the slide.


With the weather being a little bit all over the place we headed inside a little bit earlier today.. Miss Shannen had some special helpers who help to set up and bring up the morning tea. Miss Qiu clapped her hands and we all lined up on our train and sung our train song before we headed off to the bathroom to wash our hands and find our names, drink bottles and take a seat at the tables. We all enjoyed a bowl of yummy yogurt with fresh fruit pieces – watermelon, bananas and blueberries. Mmmm it was so yummy!


When everyone had finished eating and packed away, it was then time for our group time with Miss Qiu. During group time Miss Qiu and our friends counted how many friends we had here today reaching up to the number – 20! We then had a group discussion all our Australia and what the Australian flag, Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal flag means – as today one of our art activities was everyone painted their very own Aboriginal flag using the colours (red, yellow and black) each colour had a meaning. Over on another table we had some friends using the coloured crayons to create and draw their own take on the country flags.


We had lots of friends interested in our friends books from home – we had a book about Sharks, Animals and Hendrix the Monster Truck! We love seeing and reading our friends books from home, thank you so much to our friends who are bringing them in.


Today had been lots of fun and just before we set up for lunch and a rest Miss Shannen told us some really interesting fun facts about Australia – Did you know that a baby Echidna is called a puggle?


Thanks for a great day friends, we will see you all tomorrow.


Parents and friends down on the doors into the gym Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen have put down a poster that asks for some things that we are seeking for our room if you can please so kindly check this as we update it regularly.


Lots of love, Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen xx