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This morning outside, Miss Qiu had brought to kindy some snails for the children to enjoy. Daniella, Lewis, CC, Alaska, Bonnie and Ben were able to touch the snails and even hold them. CC told Miss Jade that they were slippery and slimy. The children learnt that they need moisture to create their slime, which, make them healthy and happy. Some friends were quite frightened of them. Kai enjoyed the sandpit this morning, he was laying in the sand and observing closely to the surface to find what he could see. Nisha, Elke, Grace and Alaska were sitting at the table and talking, The girls were talking about their pets and what their pets like to eat.

For group time this morning, we completed our Acknowledgement to country. After that, CC chose our flag of the day which is Russia. We learnt that in Russia, they speak Russian and their country is very large. It is above countries such as China and Mongolia. To say ‘Good Morning,’ they say, ‘Dobroye Utro.’ We said this to complete the roll. Then Angelo chose our morning song and we sang our ‘Days of the Week Song.” After singing the song, we completed our daily calendar/weather chart.

At activity time, Miss Jade set up another Halloween sensory activity. This activity had coloured rice and various Halloween item such as centipedes, worms, eyeballs and spiders. Hidden in the rice were letters of the alphabet. The children had to use the spoons provided to scoop up letters and place them on the matching letter on their provided sheet. Lillian especially enjoyed this activity. Elke, Grace and Nisha were playing with the animals. The girls gathered a few of their favourite animals and were pretending to be those animals by making the noise it makes. Steve and Eric enjoyed playing with the cars. The boys were using the cars table to drive their cars along the roads. Kai and Charlie were playing with the trains. They were connecting the train tracks together to drive their trains on. CC, Daniella, Alaska, Leilani and Bonnie were at the Arts and Crafts table collaging. The girls used glue, pom poms, toothpicks and googly eyes to collage pieces of art. Some girls were even creating animals out of the pom poms. Nash, Spencer, Aristotelis, Connor, Ben, Angelo and Lewis were playing with the Duplo. This activity hasn’t been chosen in a while so the boys were very excited to create cars, trucks and various types of transportation. Fynn and Archie enjoyed the play dough table. They used various items such as the roller and cutters to manipulate the dough and shape it.

For group time, we had Show and Tell.. Today, Lillian brought us her shell collection. She explained where she got them from and the types she had collected. We love seeing everyone’s collection. After that, Miss Jen came and gave us a dance lesson. We began the lesson with a dancing warm up that allowed us to stretch, Next, we played the ‘Floor is Lava’ game where children danced around and had to listen to the song when it told us when the floor was lava to quickly stand on a mat to be safe. This helped children practice their listening and their special awareness.

For the table activities, the children enjoyed connecting flowers, writing table, Lillian’s sea shells, alphabet bingo and the alphabet floor puzzle.

Next, we picked out the phonics song that we wanted to sing. Then, we went through the sounds of each letter and identified the name of it. We then played a matching game where we had to match the capital letter to its’ lowercase letter in our dancing game. To conclude our group time, we practiced out graduation songs.

Dear parents, people ensure Transition Statement Consent forms are brought back ASAP. Also, home-readers will be located downstairs in the office for you to personally change on a weekly basis. RSVP list for graduation is located in the upstairs office. This week, children are welcome to dress up in costumes on any days that they would like.

Miss Jade and Mr Don