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This morning outside, Connor brought two books from home to share with his friends, he had a Cars book and a find a meerkat book. Nash, Lewis, Aristotelis and Spencer were going through the pages and talking about the pictures and what cars they had at home. Nisha and Elke were at the tables drawing pictures. They were drawing pictures of their friends and families. Lewis. Nash, Spencer and Connor enjoyed the bowling game outside. The children lined up in a line to take turns to knock down the bowling pins.  

For group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country. After that, Kai chose the Days of the Week song and completed the daily calendar. Then, we spoke about Elfie because he brought in a special letter for us. He told us that he brought back from the North Pole, a letterbox to write letters to Santa. We were so excited to begin writing letters to him. After we spoke about Elfie, we looked at how Australians celebrate Christmas, what they do and the foods that they eat. We then completed our roll by saying ‘Merry Christmas.’  

 During activity time, Fynn enjoyed the Snowman cup stack. He was stacking up the cups to form a tower. Aristotelis, Eric, Steve, Charlie, Ben, Spencer and Nash loved the Mobilo. The boys were building cars, trucks and other vehicles of various designs. Some had one set of wheels, while others had 6! They would then drive them around the yard. Lillian, Leilani and Nisha enjoyed the drawing table. Here, the girls were practicing their drawing of people. Grace was playing with the magnetic dress-up. She put together various outfits to dress her dolls up. Elke, Connor and Alaska were writing letters to Santa. The children would tell Miss Jade what they wanted for Christmas and she would write them down for the children to copy.  

Miss Jeni came for dance today. We began the lesson with emotions. Miss Jeni would say an emotion and then they would then show that expression. After that, we did some Christmas dancing where the children pretended to be snowflakes and moved along to the sound of the music. To conclude dance, we had lots of fun doing the Chicken Dance.  

After Miss Jeni left, Ben and Eric shared their Show and Tell. They brought it pictures from their childhood. Ben had so many pictures to share! We love seeing our friends when they were small so we can compare then to now. Then, we explored 2D shapes. We went over the names, the sides and corners of these shapes. We concluded with identifying these shapes in the real world.  

For the table activities, the children enjoyed, drawing, puzzles, magnetic sticks, and connecting flowers.  

For group time, we chose our phonics song and went over our alphabet. We then chose a phonics game to engage in. After that, the children chose various songs to sing and dance to.  

Miss Jade and Miss Alex