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This morning outside, Archie and Fynn enjoyed the sandpit. They were making cakes and it looked so delicious with all the different decorations it had. The boys used bark and branches to decorate. Steve also enjoyed the sandpit. He was using the trucks to move sand around. Grace, Nisha and Alaska were digging and making castles. Alaska was building a castle on her legs

For group time this morning, we completed our Acknowledgement to country. Charlie chose the flag of the day, which was the United Kingdom. We spoke about the flag and how it looked similar to Australia’s flag because of the Union Jack. Miss Jade spoke about The United Kingdom and Australia share the same queen; her name was Queen Elizabeth II. Looking at the maps, we saw its’ neighbouring countries. Miss Jade asked if they knew what language they speak and Bonnie told us that they speak English. So for the roll, we said, ‘Good Morning.’ After that, Nisha chose the days of the week song and we completed our daily calendar.

For activity time, Archie and Fynn enjoyed the connecting flowers. He boys worked together to build the largest creation that they could create together. Aristotelis, Kai, Charlie, Angelo and Steve were building a track for the train tracks. The boys all worked together to build a track that went all around the kindergarten floor. Bonnie and Connor were playing the alphabet bingo with Miss Jade. Miss Jade would call out the letter and the children had to find the letter on their board. The person to get 4 in a row first must say ‘bingo’ to win. Alaska, CC and Daniella loved the Arts and Crafts table. They first were drawing pictures but then eventually created some collages out of felt. Nisha, Eric, Grace and Steve were in home corner. The children were cooking meals and playing dress ups. Ben, Nash and Spencer loved the Mobilo. They were creating trucks and cars with more than 4 wheels! How amazing!

Miss Jen came to take us for a dancing lesson. We first started off with our usual warm up dance where we had to follow Miss Jen. Then, we concluded with lining up and practicing various moves such as skips, leaps and spins. It was fun to learn how to do these moves with Miss Jen.

For the table activities, the children enjoyed connecting flowers, writing table, puzzles, drawing, memory game and snap.

In the afternoon, Eric and Nisha shared their show and tell. They showed us their collections from home and it was so interesting and exciting to see what our friends like to collect. Thank you for sharing! Next, we picked out the phonics song that we wanted to sing. Then, we practiced our performance and routine for graduation.

Home-readers will be located downstairs in the office for you to personally change on a weekly basis. RSVP list for graduation, Christmas Party and Parent Teacher night is located in the upstairs office.

Miss Jade and Miss Cindy