Hello to all our wonderful Kindergarten 2 friends and families, welcome to our Wednesday the 6thof January 2021 blog. We hope that everyone has had a lovely day, we have here at the hills and here is a little snippet on how we spent our day with Miss Qiu, Miss Shannen and all our Kindergarten friends…

This morning when our friends arrived we headed into the Kindergarten 1 room and had a play with their toys and activities while we waited for more friends to arrive for the day, when it was time for us to go outside we each applied our own sunscreen, found our hats and lined up at the door ready to go and explore!

Miss Shannen set up lots of activities and spaces for us all to enjoy, we had lots of pans and pots in the MUD kitchen, sandpit was full of lots of buckets and spades, and on one side of the sandpit we had a mini dinosaur land and our friends role played the dinosaurs so well that we all thought we had real dinosaurs here… ROARRRR!!

We headed inside just after 9:30am to enjoy some yummy morning tea that Miss Shannen had set up with some of our friends, but first we all needed to make our way into the bathroom and wash our hands. The children all enjoyed self serve with this morning Miss Kristie made a yummy fruit cake and we had some yummy fruit pieces to fill up our bellies.

When all our friends had finished eating their morning tea, we all joined Miss Qiu down on the group time mat where we sung our good morning song, said hello to Mr Dingo and counted how many friends we had here today – we counted up to 17 friends!

As it was such a nice day Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen thought that we would all go outside for morning and enjoy the sunshine!

We explored the gardens and some friends found a lady bug! We were all so excited when we found one we tried to count all the spots but it was just a little bit to small… We had friends climbing the tree and looking out for pirates! While our other friends used the larger plastic blocks to build and construct towers, they all worked so well together, great team work Kindergarten 2.

We were all having so much fun that before we knew it, it was time to head back inside for a group time with Miss Qiu and enjoy some table activities before we all settled down for some yummy burgers and quiet time.

We have all had such a great day and are loving our new room!

Just a friendly reminder if we can all please kindly bring in a family photo or email through to reception for us to add to our Kindergarten 2 family tree. Also, when our friends leave in the afternoon can we please put our hats on the hat rack inside the room just under the window. As parents are currently not allowed into the rooms due to our COVID plan, one of us will walk your child into the room to make sure they know where their hat goes.

Enjoy your evenings, see you tomorrow

Lots of love Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen xx