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Hello Families

We had a busy morning playing outside this morning. The children were drawing, playing in the sandpit, making cakes and climbing on the fort. We came inside and had a lovely morning tea of fruit bread and fresh fruit, so were then fueled up and ready for Yoga.

During Yoga we stretched and popped and bent our way through all of the different poses. The children are always enthusiastic about this activity.

Our morning activities included mosaic shapes, drawing, making dinosaurs and playing cooperatively in home corner. The boys were engaged in using the dinosaur blocks and using their created dinosaurs in imaginative play.   Home corner saw the children dressing up as fairies and princesses and baking in the kitchen. Other children enjoyed the creativity of the mosaic shapes, sitting quietly as they plan their creations and enjoying their group discussions.

We are also practicing our graduation songs and are getting so excited about next week. Please remember to return your permission slips if you haven’t already. the bus will be leaving at 9am on the dot, so we can get to the school and get underway.

Also, don’t forget to bring a plate next Friday night to share with the other families following the formalities.

Have a fabulous day.


Miss Dani & Miss Danna


Written by elckindergarten2

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