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Tuesday 24th May, 2016

Good Afternoon families,

Today we had a great day filled with lots of different activities, we started outside playing with the big log which is in the sandpit, we used it to create a fireplace, we grabbed some sticks and put the sand up very high for us to use, after this we grabbed a bit of cardboard to place over the top of the fireplace and used it to cook some food together, then the “fire” spread and we had to put it out. We had put a table with some chairs to outside so we can sit and eat together.

When we came inside we started by making our trains with our boxes that Mr Blair brought us this morning, we painted them, gave it a name and then pretended to use it to play with. We also created our own collages using different material’s and Miss Nicole let us use our stamps with different letters and also the stamp cutters together, we were very happy with that.

We are still practicing with our sign in and helpers for the day so if you could please encourage your children to do this in the morning please.

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